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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions about personal style, fashion, and image consulting.

  • What is an image consultant and a personal stylist?
    An image consultant evaluates an individual's behavior, communication style, and appearance to see where improvements can be made to align with their current professional and social goals. Personal stylists use their fashion and marketing expertise to enhance one's appearance by selecting garments and accessories best suited for the individual. Considerations include, budget, body type, color, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle. My experience with both facets of image management means I can offer concrete tools and steps that span over the course of time to ensure lasting change and empowerment.
  • I'm not a celebrity.  Why do I need an image consultant?
    You are the writer, director, producer, and star of your own life! Time and time again I have worked with women who feel that the demands of daily life have kept them from focusing on their individual pursuits. Hiring a professional to guide you through the process of (1) redefining your goals (2) offering a candid evaluation of what is aiding you in reaching your goals (and what is not), and (3) using a step by step approach to make changes is an investment in you. Working with me will save you time AND money in the long run as your wardrobe acquisitions will align with your specific style and assist you in staying on the path you have laid out for yourself.
  • What should I look for in an image consultant?
    An image consultant should offer services that are tailored specifically to your needs. They should be professional, well versed in personal styling, transparent in their pricing, and someone you feel comfortable working with as you will spend a great deal of time sharing details about yourself with this individual. I have styled 200+ clients across the country and am well versed in the image consulting and personal styling process. I look forward to learning how I can aid you in your journey.
  • I have used online styling platforms before.  How is this different?
    Online styling platforms use data and analyze numbers to generally determine what garments may fit your needs. They do not offer personalized services and are limited to a set inventory. Stylists are required to quickly peruse the data and style a certain number of clients within a limited timeframe. The data collected is not sufficient in understanding the different facets of your life and you'll end up with a closet full of clothes versus a curated collection of pieces that suit your wardrobe needs. At BHS Image Consulting, I spend a great deal of time working with you to ensure an in-depth understanding of the image you wish to achieve and offer suggestions and selections tailored to your requests.
  • What type of clients have you worked with and what results have they seen?
    The women I work with, whether they are in their 30’s or 60’s, primarily come across the challenges of time, wasted money, and a lack of style direction that is consistent with their current needs. They work in professional or volunteer settings and are in need of casual, social, and professional attire that keeps up with the transitions and growth they are experiencing. These women are either looking to add some new items to a wardrobe they are already happy with or are seeking to build a completely new wardrobe and image over the course of time that keeps up with their demanding schedules. I help them solve these hurdles with my results oriented Styling With Purpose method. ​I have worked in the past with women seeking to overcome personal challenges, women with physical disabilities and limitations that are unable to shop from mainstream brand selections, women recovering from bullying and abuse whose self doubt limited their ability to actualize their full potential and share their talents with their communities, and women looking for advancement in their careers, when imposter syndrome weighs heavily on them.. ​100% of my clients report that within the first month of service they see a positive change in how others interact with them at work and in social settings while feeling confident in their wardrobe choices. After six months they felt comfortable being able to make wardrobe decisions for themselves and even shared professional growth results.
  • How much should I expect to spend on your services?
    Our services are for women serious about upleveling their personal style and brand to unleash the power and success they deserve. During your consultation we will spend time reviewing your requests and image consulting needs. This will determine the amount of time and work required to achieve the desired result and pricing information will be shared at that time.
  • Why should I work with BHS Image Consulting?
    I offer an individualized plan for each of my clients to ensure what they are communicating visually aligns with their short and long term goals. I take the hassle out of dressing by ensuring each piece you have in your wardrobe is selected with intention and bring forth my expertise in brands and personal styling to offer you additional options that are consistent with your preferences and needs. My goal is to see you flourish, feel comfortable, and be confident as personal image.
Treated Silk

"Truly grateful for Batul's creativity and inspiration. She clearly takes the time to get to know her clients and ensure that style selections match their personality and preferences."

~ Martha P.

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